Støl B.V. can host (online) informative events for your institution, educational or different. These events are focused on delivering the vision of Støl B.V. to the audience, informing them about the workflow and methods we use and the projects we have done.

If you are interested in (co-)hosting an event, please get in touch with us via the contact form or mail.


We offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

  • Introduction to Risk Management in Automated Trading Systems

  • Advanced: Overview of Automated Trading Systems

  • Advanced: Trading Strategies - pricing for market making, spread trading and arbitrage

We offer workshops on the following topics:

  • The fundamentals of trading


We offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Stochastic Models in Operations Management

  • Generative Models: Applications

Software Engineering

We offer workshops on the following topics:

  • Workshop: Introduction to Python

  • Workshop: Introduction to Algorithms

  • Workshop: Introduction to API's

  • Workshop: Introduction to Automated Testing

  • Workshop: Introduction to Cloud Services


We offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Recent advances in Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Recent advances in Computer Vision

  • An introduction to the mathematics behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Random Presentations

We can give interesting and fun presentations about many different topics. Example topics are:

  • Recommender Systems - How will generative models change society?

  • Predicting Random Events - How to beat the bookies?

  • Game Theory - How reinforcement learning is empowering decision making by machines (Traditional Approach vs Recent AI/ML)

      • General - How computers learn to be smarter and better at everything

      • Specific to a single game like Poker, Chess, Dota, etc.

The following link contains an example: a presentation by Anatoliy Babic on the closing event COMMIT/. The attendees were university researchers and the event theme was "casino". Therefore the organization chose a "poker-themed" presentation with a quite technical storyline.

Mathematical Decision Making in Poker - COMMIT/ Presentation