Privacy Policy

Updated on: November 7, 2021


At Støl B.V. we highly value your privacy and the protection of your personal information. This privacy policy aims to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle your personal information. Støl B.V. is subject to the applicable laws and regulations in all cases, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This requires us to at least:

  • Process your personal data according to the purpose for which it is gathered. These purposes and the necessary types of information are described in this privacy policy;

  • Limit the processing of personal data to the minimum amount of information necessary to achieve the previously named purposes;

  • Ensure your personal data is accurate and up to date, and, if this is not the case, erase or rectify the data without delay;

  • Keep your personal information within the boundaries of Støl B.V., unless the sharing of personal information is strictly necessary for the purpose for which the data was collected;

  • Take proper technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data.

In case of questions about our privacy policy or how we handle your data, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact information at the bottom of this document.

Processing of personal data

Støl B.V. processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Application processing;

  • Sending (digital) newsletters and invitations for events.

Currently, we use Google Forms as our Data Processor to collect your personal data for all purposes. Støl B.V. is regarded as the Data Controller for all purposes.

Application processing

When applying for a job at Støl B.V., your personal information will be used to ensure the procedure of your application will go smoothly. Støl B.V. may contact you via the provided information for the application process. The data is stored for the duration of the application process. We may ask you to provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Curriculum Vitae

Sending (digital) newsletters and invitations for events

If you would like to receive our news updates and invitations for events we (co-)host, we may contact you via contact details provided by you. We store the contact information for as long as you want to receive emails from us. You can always opt-out of this agreement via . We may ask you to provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Email address

Rights concerning your personal information

As a data subject you have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed - we must inform you how we will be using your personal data. This is done through this privacy policy.

  2. The right of access - you have the right to access your personal data we hold. To request access to your personal data, please email We are legally obliged to respond to your request within a month.

  3. The right to rectification - If you think that we hold incorrect information about you, please contact us at so that we can correct it.

  4. The right to erasure - you have the right to request a deletion of your personal data, this can be done by contacting us at Provided that there is not an imperative reason for keeping it, we will honour your request.

  5. The right to restrict processing - you can unsubscribe from the newsletter and/or invitations to events at any time by sending an e-mail to In other circumstances in which you would like to limit or eliminate the processing of your personal information please contact us at

  6. The right to data portability - you can gather and reuse your personal data for your own purposes. This can be requested via

  7. The right to object - If you want to formally object to any of our data processing please email

  8. The rights in relation to automated processing and profiling - Støl B.V. currently does not use such technologies. If this ever changes, this policy will be updated accordingly.


When you are browsing our website, data may be stored on your computer in the form of a so-called cookie. This data will not contain any private information stored on your computer. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. When you first access our website you are asked if you agree to use cookies. When you disable cookies, the website might become harder to use.

As this site is built with Goolgle Site it uses Google's cookie policy which explains what cookies are used and why we need to use them.

Provision to Third Parties

Personal information that you provide to us can be provided to third parties if this is necessary for achieving the previously named purposes.

Currently, Støl B.V. does not use any third parties for achieving the previously named purposes and does not disclose any personal information to third parties.

Støl B.V. can share your personal information with third parties when this is legally allowed and obliged. An example of this would be a request to share (personal)information in a police investigation. In such a case we are required to cooperate and, thus, share information.

International data transfers

We don’t routinely transfer your data outside of the Netherlands. If we do, we ensure data protection measures are in place.

Changes to this privacy policy

As our services are always evolving, we may modify or update this privacy policy from time to time. We will notify you of the changes by updating this privacy policy on the website.

Contact information

Støl B.V. is the data controller for any personal information you provide. We are located at the following address.

Støl B.V.

Da Costakade 186-3

1053XE Amsterdam

In case you have any questions regarding your privacy rights, this privacy policy, or how we handle your personal information, please reach out to us via